Praying & Fasting For a Breakthrough

“PRAYING & FASTING FOR A BREAKTHROUGH” TEXT: Matthew 17:14-21; see also Mark 9:17-29 INTRO: Today at Jubilee we are launching 40 Days of Prayer: For a specific personal miracle. For a church-wide refreshing (Acts 3:19b). What specific personal miracle will you going to go after? The father in our text was desperate for a miracle. […]

Do You Really Want To Grow?

“DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GROW?” INTRO: Are you currently growing (spiritually)? Are you willing to do what it takes to grow? EVIDENCES OF SPIRITUAL MATURITY (Eph. 4:11-16): Serving others (vv. 12, 16). Walking in unity (vv. 13a, 16a). Growing in our knowledge of God & becoming more like Jesus (v. 13b). Developing emotional & […]

What To Do When You’re Afraid (Psalm 56)

“WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU’RE AFRAID (Psalm 56)” INTRO: What are you afraid of? What do you do when you’re afraid? I. ACKNOWLEDGE FEAR (Psalm 56:3a). Most people fear something. David was afraid at times. “Whenever I am afraid, …” (Ps. 56:3a) Most Bible heroes faced fear at one time or another. II. DECIDE TO […]

Debunking Faith Busters (Part 7: What About Hypocrisy?)

“DEBUNKING FAITH BUSTERS” Part 7 (conclusion): WHAT ABOUT HYPOCRISY? Why are there so many hypocrites in the church? I. QUESTIONS FOR CONSIDERATION: Do Christians live lives at a significantly higher moral level than non-Christians? Do Christians bear more fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23)? Do Christians love each other and non-Christians more? Do Christians have […]

Debunking Faith Busters (Part 6: What About Hell?)

 “DEBUNKING FAITH BUSTERS” Part 6: What About Hell? How can a loving God send people to hell? I. MANY PEOPLE STRUGGLE WITH THE CONCEPT OF HELL. THREE UNSCRIPTURAL BELIEFS: Annihilationism – unbelievers cease to exist. Universalism – everyone eventually ends up in heaven. Reincarnation – people keep coming back as someone or something else until […]

Debunking Faith Busters (Part 5B: What About Sex?)

“DEBUNKING FAITH BUSTERS” Pt. 5B What About Sex – is sex outside of marriage really wrong? Review/Intro: Because God is God, He has the right to decide what’s right and wrong when it comes to sex! We should want to know the truth whether or not it challenges our current thinking or lifestyle. Let’s not […]

Debunking Faith Busters (Part 5: What About Sex?)

“DEBUNKING FAITH BUSTERS” Part 5 “What About Sex – is sex outside of marriage really wrong?” INTRO: Doesn’t God have the right to decide what’s right and wrong when it comes to sex? Do you really want to know the truth (Ja. 4:10)? Let’s not be quick to judge those who are struggling with sexual […]