Life in the Spirit

Life in the Spirit – Part 2 (Romans 8:18-39)

“LIFE IN THE SPIRIT – Pt. 2” (Rom. 8:18-39) INTRO: Today we’re going to finish Romans 8 by looking at some more ways the Holy Spirit wants to work in your life. 1. The creation is in birth pangs anticipating seeing believers come to their full maturity (vv. 18-22). Our current sufferings (temporal) are nothing compared […]

Life in the Spirit – Part 1 (Romans 8:1-18)

“LIFE IN THE SPIRIT – Pt. 1” (Rom. 8:1-18) INTRO: Through faith in Christ, sin’s penalty is cancelled and sin’s power broken (Rom. 6)! This is experienced as we know these truths and reckon them to be true (act on it). We are also freed from the bondage of the law/works (trying to obtain right-standing […]