Sermons from September 2017

What’s So Good About The Good News? – Part 2

“WHAT’S SO GOOD ABOUT THE GOOD NEWS? – Pt. 2” [WHAT IS THE GOSPEL? Romans 1:8-16] REVIEW/INTRO: No book in the Bible explains what the good news is all about more thoroughly than Romans. I. PAUL’S HEART FOR THE ROMAN BELIEVERS (1: 8– 15). Paul’s thanks for the Roman believers (v. 8). For what or […]

Jubilee Makeover – Conclusion [Passionate Worship]

 “JUBILEE MAKEOVER – Conclusion” [Passionate Worship] REVIEW/INTRO: This morning we’re going to conclude our Jubilee Makeover series by focusing once again on Passionate Worship. What is passionate worship? What if I don’t particularly like to sing? Worship is passing the obedience test out of reverence for God, which generally involves sacrifice of some type (Gen. […]