Sermons from November 2017

Thankful For Justification By Faith (Romans 5)

“THANKFUL FOR JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH” (Romans 5) INTRO: Justification by faith (”just as if I’d never sinned”) – a guilty person’s record being pronounced clean. 7 BENEFITS/CHARACTERISTICS OF JUSTIFICATION: Peace with God (v. 1). This is a deep inner need of mankind. Access to God’s grace (v. 2a). You have the key to grace’s door! […]

Guilty, But Justified Freely! (Romans 3)

“GUILTY, BUT JUSTIFIED FREELY!” (Romans 3) I. GOD’S JUDGMENT IS JUST (Rom. 3:1-8). The advantage to being a physical Jew was the privilege of being the first people group offered covenant with God and the privilege of spreading that knowledge to the Gentile nations (Rom. 3:1-2). The unbelief of some certainly doesn’t negate or reduce […]

Guilty! (Romans 2:6 – 3:20)

“GUILTY!” (Rom. 2:6 – 3:20) INTRO: The primary theme of Romans is the good news. Good news is only good news when there’s a need for or benefit from the good news. One of the primary reasons why the good news is such good news is because of the universal guilt of mankind. I. GOD’S […]