Sermons from November 2018

In Everything Give Thanks

“IN EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS” Always be Joyful. Rejoice always, … (1Thess. 5:16) This shouldn’t be dependent on your circumstances. You can’t do this while you’re complaining (Phil. 2:14). Challenge: Make a commitment to try not complaining for one week! Ask someone to hold you accountable. Don’t Stop Praying. Pray without ceasing, … (v. 17). If […]

Why God Wants to Heal You

“WHY GOD WANTS TO HEAL YOU”  INTRO: This week we conclude 40 Days of Prayer at Jubilee, but plan to keep expanding our prayer emphasis. Let’s persevere in prayer for your specific personal miracle and for a church-wide refreshing (Acts 3:19). In this healing service we’re going to focus on why God wants to heal […]

Recharge, Reboot & Reset

“RECHARGE, REBOOT & RESET” INTRO: At Jubilee we are in 40 Days of Prayer: For a specific personal miracle. For a church-wide refreshing (Acts 3:19). I. SIMILARITIES BETWEEN SMART PHONES & SMART PEOPLE: They need to be recharged regularly or will quit working. The harder the use, the more often charging needed. Recharging happens fastest […]