Sermons from June 2019

Inside Out – Part 2

“INSIDE OUT – PART 2” REVIEW/INTRO: We’re called to live life “INSIDE OUT” – To be connected to a local church where we assemble, worship, serve, love, give, grow and help others grow and then take the inside calling outside. OUTSIDE CALLING: I. TO IMPACT THE MARKETPLACE (business, education &  government – our places of […]

Inside Out – Part 1

“INSIDE OUT” INTRO: “Inside” – the concept that many have regarding our spiritual life as it relates to being part of a local church. “Outside” – the concept that many have regarding our secular life which is often seen as being contrary to our spiritual life. Is our spiritual life primarily church on Sunday and […]

Lessons I’m Learning While Birding

“Lessons I’m Learning While Birding” There are many Scriptures that talk about birds and sparrows. Matthew 10:29, 31 1. Birding requires being still and quiet. It’s a learned art to be still and quiet! Being quiet and still requires much patience! The birds want to see if it’s safe for them to come out and […]