In Everything Give Thanks


  1. Always be Joyful. Rejoice always, … (1Thess. 5:16)
    1. This shouldn’t be dependent on your circumstances.
    2. You can’t do this while you’re complaining (Phil. 2:14).

Challenge: Make a commitment to try not complaining for one week! Ask someone to hold you accountable.

  1. Don’t Stop Praying. Pray without ceasing, … (v. 17).
    1. If your miracle hasn’t happened yet, keep praying!
    2. Let’s keep praying for a church-wide refreshing!
  2. Give Thanks in all Circumstances (v. 18).
    1. Give thanks “in” [not “for”] ALL circumstances.
      1. There are always things you can be thankful for.
      2. Learn to see the glass half full (not half empty).
      3. You get more of what you focus on (Mt. 13:12; Phil. 2:4).
    2. Living a lifestyle of Thanksgiving brings you into a deeper level of God’s presence (Psalm 100:4).
  3. Giving thanks is God’s will for your life (v. 18b).
  4. Do not quench the Spirit (1Thess. 5:19).
    1. Complaining quenches the Spirit!
    2. Quenching the Spirit reduces the Spirit’s work in us.

“You won’t succeed by focusing on not complaining, but you can succeed by focusing on giving thanks regularly in all circumstances.”


How Not to Take the Lord’s Supper (vv. 17-22):

  1. Don’t leave conflicts unresolved (v. 18; Mt. 5:23-24; 18:15-17).
  2. Don’t be selfish & inconsiderate (vv. 20-22).

How to Take the Lord’s Supper (1Cor. 11:23-34):

  1. Give God thanks (v. 24a).
  2. Be broken (v. 24b; Psalm 34:18; 51:17).
  3. Remember Jesus (vv. 24c, 25c).
    1. Remember His death & His future return (v. 26).
  4. Take the Lord’s supper in a worthy manner (vv. 27, 30).
    1. Do some self-examination (vv. 28, 31-32; Ps. 139:23-24).
    2. Discern the Lord’s body (v. 29).
  5. Be considerate of others (vv. 33-34; Phil. 2:4).