Life in the Spirit – Part 1 (Romans 8:1-18)

“LIFE IN THE SPIRIT – Pt. 1” (Rom. 8:1-18)

INTRO: Through faith in Christ, sin’s penalty is cancelled and sin’s power broken (Rom. 6)! This is experienced as we know these truths and reckon them to be true (act on it). We are also freed from the bondage of the law/works (trying to obtain right-standing with God through the Mosaic law or works – Rom. 7). Deliverance from the futility of trying to obey but unable to comes through Christ (Rom. 7:24-25a) and life in the Spirit (Rom. 8 – “Spirit” 19 times!).


  1. The Holy Spirit wants to consistently influence your life (vv. 1, 4-8, 14).
    1. The flesh and Spirit are both offering direction for our life, and it’s up to us which one we choose to follow.
    2. To be led by the Spirit requires us to focus our thoughts on the things of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-25; Phil. 4:8)   rather than the things of the flesh (v. 5; Gal. 5:19-21).
    3. This process is called renewing the mind (Rom. 12:2).
  2. The Holy Spirit wants to free you from the bondage of sin (v. 2).
  3. The Holy Spirit dwells in you (vv. 9, 11).
    1. “dwells” – to occupy a house, reside, inhabit, remain.
    2. This is the same Spirit that rose Christ from the dead, and will eventually raise you from the dead!
  4. The Holy Spirit wants to put to death the works of the flesh in you (vv. 12-13)!
    1. You don’t owe the flesh anything, but are indebted to the Spirit.
  5. The Holy Spirit wants to give you assurance of your sonship (vv. 15-18).
    1. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of adoption (vv. 15-16).
    2. Spiritual sons have an inheritance (vv. 16-18).
    3. Joint-heir with Christ – what is His is yours (Jn. 16:14-15)!
    4. The glory you experience will far exceed your suffering (1Pet. 4:12-14; 2Cor. 4:17).

CONCLUSION: Welcome to life in the Spirit (Rom. 8)!