Missional Realignment – Part 5 (Conclusion)

“MISSIONAL REALIGNMENT” (Pt. 5 – Conclusion)

INTRO: Do you need a life reset to clear some clutter and realign your life around God’s purposes? The 1st group of exiles go to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and restore worship (Ezra chapters 1-6). The 2nd group about 60 years later (Ezra chapters 7-10). In what condition would they find the first group?

I. FAVOR (chapter 7).

  1. Ezra’s genealogy (vv. 1-5).
  2. Ezra’s favor and journey to Jerusalem (vv. 6-10; Ex. 3:21).
    1. Ezra had prepared his heart to seek God’s law and do it and teach it (v. 10). We need a revival of the Word!
  3. The letter of Artaxerxes (king of Persia) to Ezra (7:11-26).
    1. The letter authorized them to go (13-14), to be resourced (15-23), to be tax exempt (24) and the authority to govern by God’s laws (25-26).
  4. Ezra blessed God and was encouraged (vv. 27-28).

II. FASTING (chapter 8).

  1. A list of those who returned (nearly 2,000) (vv. 1-20).
  2. They fasted and prayed for protection (vv. 21-23).
    1. Fasting is a means of humbling ourselves before God.
    2. Fasting is a means of seeking direction and protection.
    3. God answered their prayers (v. 23). It’s time to resurrect fasting and prayer!
  3. Leaders were appointed to steward the offerings (24-30).
  4. Ezra 8:31-36 records some of the details of their journey.

III. INTERCESSION (chapter 9).

  1. The first group hadn’t kept themselves separated (1-2).
  2. When Ezra heard this, he grieved (v. 3).
  3. Those who feared God assembled to Ezra (v. 4).
  4. Ezra prayed a prayer of repentance (vv. 5-15).

IV. REPENTANCE (chapter 10).

  1. Ezra and the people repented (vv. 1-17)
  2. They put away their pagan wives (vv. 18-44).

CONCLUSION: Let’s seek God’s favor. Let’s revive fasting, intercession and repentance (2Cron. 7:14; 2Cor. 6:14-18)!