Praying For Church-Wide Times of Refreshing


INTRO: Last Sunday we launched 40 Days of Prayer.

  1. For a specific personal miracle.
  2. For a church-wide refreshing (Acts 3:19).

Do you want a church-wide refreshing? Are you sure?

Times of refreshing come from [more of] the presence of the Lord (Acts 3:19). In Acts 3, a crippled man was healed.


  1. There was a strong foundation of prayer.
  2. The sick and needy were attracted.
  3. There was enough presence to bring healing.
  4. There was authentic, passionate praise in response to the healing (Ps. 16:11).
  5. There was a response of wonder and amazement.
  6. This all provided a good opportunity to share the gospel.
  7. Many were converted.
  8. The religious leaders were stirred up.
  9. Peter & John experienced persecution.


  1. One healing results in two entire cities turning to the Lord (Acts 9:32-35).
  2. Fire surfaces a dormant snake (Acts 28:1-6; Mal. 3:1-3).
    1. The fire of God’s presence causes the dormant dross to come to the surface so it can be removed, resulting in further purification. Are you willing to go there?
  3. A man with a demon is set free in the synagogue (Mark 1:21-28).
    1. Deliverance is seldom neat and clean. Is that okay?
  4. The blind, the lame and the children (Matt. 21:14-16).
    1. When word gets out that Jesus is in the house, people with serious needs will show up and get delivered.
    2. It may get a bit noisy. Are you okay with that?

CONCLUSION: During the next 40 days, let’s pray and believe God for a church-wide refreshing! Are you all in?