The Shout of Triumph


INTRO: Palm Sunday is a week before Easter and a celebration of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry. The relevance?

I. THE TRIUMPHAL ENTRY (Matt. 21:1-16; Mark 11:1-11).

  1. Jesus told two of His disciples to find a donkey (vv. 1-6).
    1. Sometimes what Jesus asks of us is uncomfortable.
  2. Jesus came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey (vv. 7-11) as the people worshiped & shouted (Matt. 21:9 CEV, TLB).
    1. The Triumphal Entry was a public proclamation of Jesus as King!
  3. Jesus’ Cleansing of the Temple (Matt. 21:12-13).
  4. Jesus’ Healing & the Children Praising (vv. 14-17).
    1. When proper order is restored to the house of God, healing and the children praising takes place!
  5. Note the Shout (Matt. 21:9, 15 CEV)!
    1. Where is the shout among God’s people today?
    2. You might be thinking, “And why would I do that?”


  1. Shout for joy (Ps. 5:11; see also 32:11; 33:3; 35:27; 65:13; 132:9, 16)
    1. Shout in response for the joy you have.
    2. Shout in order to receive more joy.
  2. Shout joyfully (Ps. 66:1; 81:1; 95:1-2; 98:4, 6; 100:1).
  3. Shout with the voice of triumph (Ps. 47:1, 5).
    1. Shout with the voice of triumph before triumph comes.
    2. Triumph may not come until after the shout of triumph.
    3. God arises in response to the shout (Ps. 47:5).
  4. Shouting down the walls of opposition (Josh. 6:1-20).
    1. The Jericho walls didn’t fall until they shouted (v. 20).
    2. Your walls may not come down until after you shout!
  5. Shouting unto God as God fights for you (2Chron. 13:1-18).
    1. As the people of God shouted (v. 15), God fought for them and gave them the victory (vv. 16-18).
    2. As you shout unto God, He will give you victory!

CONCLUSION: Shout unto God with the voice of triumph and you will triumph! Don’t let pride hold you back.