Three Feathers to Help Your Arrows Shoot Straight


INTRO: On this Mothers’ Day I’m going to speak about parenting, which will be addressed to both moms and dads. Children are compared to arrows in the hand of a warrior (Psalm 127:4) – the potential for benefit and positive influence. Arrows don’t go straight on their own! Arrows also need feathers in order to shoot straight.

I. BLESSING. See Your Children as Blessings from God (v. 3).

  1. Children are a gift from God (Psalm 127:3). “heritage” – an inheritance not given according to hereditary rights but is a gift from the freewill of the donor.
    1. We don’t deserve children but are given them anyway.
  2. God’s gifts are meant to be a blessing.
  3. God’s gifts should bring us closer to God.
  4. God’s blessings require responsibility (Prov. 22:6).

II. CONTROLLING. Learn to Control Your Children (1Sam. 3:13).

  1. You can only teach a child you can first control!
  2. This primarily happens during the early stages.
  3. The child is taught what to do and not do.

How to Establish Control [Restraint]:

  1. Mean what you say and say what you mean.
  2. Don’t keep repeating yourself.
  3. Don’t yell, reason or bargain with your child.
  4. Require obedience (Prov. 29:17,15; 13:24; 22:15).
  5. Be consistent, persistent and united.
  6. Don’t allow disrespect (Ex. 20:12; Eph. 6:1-4).

III. TEACHING. Learn to Teach Your Children (Deut. 6:6-7).

  1. Teaching occurs mostly during the later years.
  2. Teaching focuses on how, why and practical skills.
  3. Goal: For children to become mature, responsible, independent adults (to make good decisions).
  4. Explanation, Demonstration, Participation & Delegation.

Conclusion: Use these three feathers to help your children go straight (Prov. 23:24-25)!