Three Foolish Exchanges (Romans 1:22-32)


INTRO: Why do reasonably smart people often reject God and His standards as clearly revealed in the Bible? Because when people suppress the truth, they become futile in their thoughts and their foolish hearts become darkened – they take on a spirit of stupid (vv. 18, 21). Do you really want to know the truth regardless of what it is, or only if it harmonizes with your limited sense of reason and your current lifestyle?

I. Three Foolish Exchanges & God’s Oblige (vv. 22-32).

*When people don’t honor God, they tend to do dishonorable things.

  1. 1st Exchange: God Worship for Idol Worship (vv. 22-23).
    1. In thinking they’re smart, they actually become foolish (v. 22).
    2. God obliges (gives them up to) by allowing people to pursue their ungodly lusts (v. 24; Eph. 4:19).
    3. God withdraws conviction, revelation and protection!
  2. 2nd Exchange: Truth for a Lie (v. 25).
    1. God obliges by allowing people’s passions to become twisted (v. 26).
  3. 3rd Exchange: Natural Heterosexual Relations for Unnatural Homosexual Relations (vv. 26b-27).
    1. God obliges by allowing people to pursue their twisted passions (vv. 28-31; Rom. 8:7; Isa. 5:20).

II. Inappropriate Attitudes & Behaviors (vv. 29-32).

  1. Unrighteousness, sexual immorality of all types, evil, being hard to get along with, weak character and pride.
  2. Summary: Those who practice behaviors are deserving of death (but are given time to repent), which is why we desperately need the good news (v. 32)!

CONCLUSION: When people don’t let God be god in their life (when they suppress the truth that God has revealed), they’re given over to the spirit of stupid, which results in three foolish exchanges and God’s oblige, which is why we so desperately need the good news!