What About the Jews? & A Few Other?’s (Romans 9-11)

“What About The Jews? & A Few Other ?’s” (Rom. 9-11)

INTRO: An overview of Rom. 9-11 & some amazing truths!

OVERVIEW – Romans 9

  1. Paul’s sorrow and grief for the Jews (vv. 1-5).
  2. Two types of Israelites (vv. 6-13):
    1. The Israelites of the flesh
    2. The Israelites of the promise – the children of God.
  3. God is righteous, sovereign, and can show mercy and compassion on whomever He chooses (vv. 14-21).
  4. God chose to show mercy and compassion on the Gentiles, making them His beloved children (vv. 22-26).
  5. A remnant of Israel will yet be saved (vv. 27-29).
  6. So far, they have not attained righteousness because they sought it the wrong way (law vs. Christ – vv. 30-33).

OVERVIEW – Romans 10

  1. Paul prayed for the Jews to be saved (v. 1).
  2. Their misguided zeal for God (vv. 2-5).
  3. Salvation through confessing and believing (vv. 6-11).
  4. Salvation for the Jews is the same as for the Gentiles (vv. 12-15; Gal. 3:28-29; Eph. 2:14-16; 1Pet. 2:9).
  5. The message needs a messenger (v. 14).
  6. Gentile’s salvation provokes Israel’s jealousy (vv. 16-21).
  7. Faith comes by hearing the revealed (rhema) word of God (v. 17).

OVERVIEW – Romans 11

  1. A true remnant of Israel still remains (vv. 1-6).
  2. Israel is in a current state of spiritual blindness (vv. 7-10).
  3. Gentile’s salvation provokes Israel’s jealousy (vv. 11-15).
  4. Israel is like branches broken off from God’s family tree and the Gentiles like branches grafted in (vv. 16-21).
  5. Israel will be grafted back in if they repent (vv. 22-24).
  6. All Israel will be saved (vv. 25-29). What does this mean?
  7. The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable (v. 29)!
  8. The mercy, wisdom, knowledge & ways of God (v. 30-36)!

CONCLUSION: More Gentiles & Jews need to be saved! Let’s go for it! The message needs a messenger – you!