What’s So Good About The Good News? – Part 3 [What Is The Gospel?]


[WHAT IS THE GOSPEL? Romans 1:16-21]

INTRO: Romans 1:16-17 are seen by many as the most important verses in Romans!

I. THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST (Romans’ main theme) (vv. 16– 17).

  1. Paul wasn’t ashamed of the gospel of Christ (v. 16).
    1. Are you ashamed of the gospel (Matt. 10:32-33)?
    2. Is your life a contradiction or proclamation and demonstration of the gospel of Christ?
  2. What is the gospel of Christ (vv. 16-17)?
    1. It’s the good news about Christ.
    2. It’s the power of God leading to wholeness in every area of life, especially spiritually.
    3. It’s for everyone who believes (not works or performs).
      1. To believe is to entrust your life (especially spiritual well-being) to Christ (put in trust with) (Eph. 2:8-9).
    4. It reveals the righteousness of God (v. 17; Rom. 4:6).
    5. It’s experienced by faith (vv. 16-17; Hab. 2:4). Through faith God declares us righteous (positional) and empowers us to live right (experiential). God credits us with His righteousness!

Why do reasonably smart people often reject God and His standards as clearly revealed in the Bible?

II. THE NEED FOR THE GOOD NEWS – ALL ARE GUILTY (1:18–32; today vv. 18-21)

  1. For the good news to truly be good new, there has to first be a need for the good news.
    1. Do you really want to know the truth regardless of what it is, or only if it harmonizes with your limited sense of reason and your current lifestyle?
  2. God’s righteousness must be satisfied by bringing justice where unrighteousness and injustice exist (v. 18).
  3. God has revealed Himself to all mankind through His creation, so all are without excuse (vv. 19-20).
  4. When people don’t let God be god in their life (suppress the truth), they’re given over to the spirit of stupid (v. 21)!