“What’s So Good About The Good News?” [You Are Called!]


[YOU ARE CALLED (Rom. 1:1-7)!]

INTRO: Many have said that the book of Romans is the greatest letter ever written. No book in the Bible explains what the good news is all about more than Romans.

THE SALUTATION (introductory greeting) (1: 1– 7).

I. INTRODUCING PAUL [Identity] (v. 1).

  1. The human author of this letter is Paul (Acts 9:1-31).
    1. To live a separated life is to live separate from stuff so you can live more separated to stuff.
    2. To live a separated life is to live differently than most people live by not doing what most people do in  order to do what most people don’t do.
    1. A bondservant of Jesus Christ – a servant by choice, not by force (Ex. 21:2, 5-6).
    2. Called to be an apostle – one sent by God to extend the kingdom of God in a particular place and/or to a       particular people.
    3. Separated (set apart, appointed) to the gospel of God.

II. INTRODUCING THE GOSPEL [Good News] (vv. 2-5).

  1. Promised by God through O.T. prophets (v. 2).
  2. The gospel is about Jesus (vv. 3-4).
    1. Jesus” – Savior
    2. Christ” – anointed, Messiah
    3. Lord” – supreme in authority, King.
  3. Through Jesus we have received grace to join the apostolic call to bring all nations to obedient faith for the glory of His name (v. 5; Matt. 28:18-20).


  1. You are called (invited, appointed) by Jesus Christ to be a part of that apostolic company.
  2. You are called to be a saint (holy, consecrated) (Rom. 1:7a).
  3. God’s grace and peace is available to you to qualify and empower you for your calling (Rom. 1:7b)

CONCLUSION: This good news is all about Jesus! YOU ARE CALLED! Do you hear His voice?