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" Don’t Put ‘Cherem’ Among Your Own Stuff! "
August 3, 2023

We’ve been seeing that God declared Jericho (the first city Israel would conquer in the Promised Land) as “cherem” which means devoted to God or devoted [doomed] to destruction (Josh. 6:17).

After defeating the strong city of Jericho, Israel lost a battle to the much smaller city of Ai (Josh. 7). Why? God told Joshua it was because Achan had taken some cherem from Jericho and had put it among his own stuff (Josh. 7:11)! Israel had to deal with the cherem before God would give them the victory over Ai (Josh. 7:13).

Have you put any cherem among your own stuff? Have you been using the tithe for your own use? [NOTE: Tithing is mentioned in the New Testament – Matt. 23:23; Heb. 7:8.]

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