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Our heart is for you to experience God’s transforming power, to nurture loving relationships with others, and to be inspired and equipped to transform the world around you for the better.

 We would love to hear more about your spiritual journey and where you are at in life.

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    5. Are you open to further discussing these questions with a spiritual leader?

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    Begin Your Journey

    Take your first steps on your spiritual journey with Jubilee. If you’re new to us, we suggest you start by exploring one or more of our introductory courses, or by joining us in worship on Sundays.

    Discovery Course

    This three-part course will help you Discover Your Church Family, Discover Your Purpose, and Discover Your Serve.

    Each session includes a lunch.

    Worship with Us

    We welcome you to check out one of our worship services on Sundays at 10 a.m. You can also join us online by connecting to one of our livestream services on Youtube or Facebook at 10am.

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