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" Is There Prophetic Significance to the Order Israel Approached Jericho? "
June 22, 2023

The strategy God gave the Israelites for taking Jericho was the armed men of war led the way, followed by the priests with the trumpets, followed by the priests with the ark, followed by the rest of the people, followed by the rear guard (Josh. 6:3-9). Was there any prophetic significance to this order?

•The armed men of war (vv. 3, 7, 9) – could represent warfare prayer (Eph. 6:18). Focused prayer must lead the way!

•Seven priests bearing seven trumpets (vv. 4, 6b, 😎 – could represent prophetic declaration and proclamation. What is God saying?

•Priests carrying the ark of the covenant (vv. 6a, 😎 – represents God’s presence. We won’t possess without God’s presence!

•The rest of the people (v. 7) – could represent intercession and praise.

•The rear guard (v. 9) – could represent watchmen seeking God’s protection. When we follow God’s divine order, God becomes our rear guard (Isa. 52:12; 58:8)!

Is there anything you need to put in order in order to take possession of your Promised Land?

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