Mark’s Memos

" The Principle of ‘Cherem’ "
July 6, 2023

“Now the city shall be doomed by the LORD to destruction, it and all who are in it.” (Josh. 6:17)

God told Joshua that Jericho, the first city in the Promised Land that they were to conquer would be doomed by the Lord to destruction (Josh. 6:17). The Hebrew word for “doomed to destruction” is “cherem” and means devoted to God or devoted [doomed] to destruction.

When God declares something as “cherem” either we devote it to God, or it will be destroyed [“cherem” is also translated “accursed thing” or “cursed thing”! When God declares something as “cherem” you can’t keep it for yourself no matter how hard you try because it will inevitably be destroyed, and you will suffer the consequences of taking what God declares as devoted to Him.

What does God declare as “cherem” today? Are you in possession of any cherem?

Watch for next week’s devotional!

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