Mark’s Memos

" If You Want More, Contend For It! "
September 21, 2023

The tribe of Joseph spoke to Joshua and asked him why they weren’t given more land since they were a great people (Josh. 17:14).

“So Joshua answered them, ‘If you are a great people, then go up to the forest country and clear a place for yourself there in the land of the Perizzites and the giants, since the mountains of Ephraim are too confined for you.’” (Josh. 17:15; see also verses 16-18)

Notice that Joshua told them that if they were such a great people, then they should go up and clear a place for themselves in the land of the giants! If you want more, contend for it rather than expecting someone to give it to you!

Do you still want more? Are you waiting for God to give you more while God is waiting for you to contend for more?

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