Mark’s Memos

" Don’t Stop Short of Complete Victory! "
September 14, 2023

God had instructed the Israelites to completely drive out certain people groups in the Promised Land. Why? Because He knew that if they didn’t, they would eventually be led into idolatry from those nations and would be defeated by them. Because Israel stopped short of victory, they continued to have to deal with these enemies from time to time, which cost them time, energy and resources (see Josh. 13:13; 16:10; 17:12-13).

Whatever battle you’re facing, don’t stop short of complete victory! At the very least, your existing opposition may be on ongoing thorn in your side, a drain of your resources and a distraction from your destiny. Your existing opposition may get stronger and eventually you may have to engage in a battle again. The worst-case scenario is if your opposition eventually gets stronger than you and overpowers you.

Completely defeat the opposition you’re up against or it may eventually defeat you! Don’t stop short of complete victory!

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