Mark’s Memos

" War a Long Time "
September 7, 2023

“Joshua made war a long time with all those kings.” (Josh. 11:18)

In Joshua 11:16-18 it lists all the land that Joshua took up to that time in the Promised Land. It says that he captured all their kings and struck them down and killed them (Josh. 11:17). It then tells us that Joshua made war a long time (Josh. 11:18). Can you relate? Why did Joshua make war a long time rather than a short time? It was God’s will to harden the hearts of these kings so that they would attack Israel so that they would be destroyed (see Josh. 11:20)!

Some attacks against you may be a result of God’s providence and for your ultimate benefit!

“Then the land had rested from war.” (Josh. 11:23) Would the land have had rest from war if God had not hardened the hearts of these kings – if they hadn’t attacked Israel? Is there rest from war waiting for you once you win your current battle?

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